Access to sales on the site – owned by the company BV Ltd. – implies acceptance, without reservation, of the following conditions:

1) Company

BV Ltd (henceforth BV Ltd.) with its registered office at Viale Lino Zanussi 11, 33170 Pordenone (PN), CF e P.I. n. 01589030939, registered at the Pordenone al n. Chamber of Commerce 01589030939 – R.E.A.(Index of Economic and Administrative Information) n. 88539,, fax number: 0434/00000, customer service number: 0434 383 292 (call costs incurred by the customer)

Customer Service address:

BV Ltd
Viale Lino Zanussi, 11
33170 Pordenone (PN)

2) Product

These BV Ltd. General Conditions of Sale define the rights and obligations of the parties in the sale of products and services by BV Ltd. to the members of the website (hereafter called the “website “).

By placing an order the customer declares that they are at least 18 years of age, to be a consumer in accordance with article 3D Lgs. 206/2005 (Consumer Code) and to be the owner or have communicated an e-mail address to BV Ltd. Each customer declares that they have read and accepted the rights and obligations that relate to the carrying out of the order. All orders are governed by these General Terms of Sale.

3) Terminology

The sales services offered by BV Ltd on its website are defined below as the “Services of BV Ltd” or “Services”. The services are different in Italy and abroad.

Any person, adult and legally capable, who, having entered spontaneously or having been invited by another customer, and desiring to avail of the services of BV Ltd. meets the requirements set forth in these terms and conditions and will be referred to herein as “CUSTOMER”.

Any purchase or reservation of a product or service by a customer on the website in accordance with the conditions set forth in these General Conditions of Sale will be henceforth referred to as the “order”.

4) Access and registration procedures

4.1. Access to services is possible after registration spontaneously or by invitation. The invitation by a customer will be limited to a small circle of people (friends and family) that the customer giving the invitation knows. Consequently, mass recruitment of guests outside of the aforementioned circle is strictly forbidden if it is for the purpose of profit, directly or indirectly, either free, by any means, and in particular, by means of a website, a blog, ads published on the Internet or in newspapers or in discussion forums, or even using the brand names of the website’s partners or reproducing parts of the website’s catalog.

5) Methods for carrying out orders, pricing, billing

5.1. Customers can place orders over the Internet by connecting to

5.2. The customer guarantees that they are able to use their credit card or their PayPal account for payment of the order and that such means of payment will provide access to sufficient funds to cover all costs arising from the use of the BV Ltd Services.

5.3. By clicking on “Buy” during the purchasing process and after checking the contents of the order in the “cart” and after, if necessary, modifying the order, the customer declares that they accept fully and without reservation the General Conditions of Sale.

After confirming the contents of his order, the customer confirms the order definitively with payment. The order will be considered definitive by payment of the price of the service.

BV Ltd. will systematically confirm by e-mail the order of each customer as well as its dispatch.

5.4. Prices of products and services, including VAT, are indicated in the profile of the product or service concerned. The shipping costs of the order will be indicated before the final confirmation. Also, once the order has been confirmed, the prices and costs will remain visible in the control panel reserved for the customer on the website.

5.5. An invoice for each order will be available online in the control panel reserved for the customer on the day of payment. In case of total cancellation of the order by the customer, a “credit note” will be available, which will cancel the invoice. The documents issued remain available online for one year from the date of issue.

5.6. If the customer fails to uphold these obligations assumed under the General Conditions of Sale and in particular those relating to the payment for the order this may result, depending on the severity of the crimes committed, the suspension of access to BV Ltd. services or deletion of the account resulting in the exclusion of the customer, subject to the right of BV Ltd. to request payment for the interest and the damages suffered. Consequently BV Ltd. reserves the right to refuse orders made by the customer in respect of that which has been adopted in the aforementioned measures.

6) Compliance of products or services

6.1. The information in each product profile are those reported to BV Ltd. by suppliers from whom products and services are purchased. BV Ltd. will do its best to ensure that the description and/or photographic representation of the products and services on the website is as faithful as possible to the products and services themselves. However, given the digital presentation of products or services on the Internet, it is possible that the perception by the customer or the description of the photographic representation of products and services do not exactly match that particular product or service.The provisions of this article shall not effect the customer’s right of withdrawal as described in article 8 of these General Conditions of Sale.

7) Availability of products and services

In the case where all or part of the product or service is unavailable after the order transaction, the customer will be notified by email of the cancellation of the order or the partial delivery of the order. In the case where the product or service is unavailable the customer will have the right to request:

delivery of a product or service with a standard of quality and price equivalent to the availability of stock, or a refund of the price of the product or service ordered within thirty days from the request made by the customer.
The delivery cost of the new product or service will be paid for by BV Ltd.

8) Right of withdrawal

8.1. Scope of application

Subject to the exclusions listed in the paragraph below, all products and services are covered by the “money back” clause of which the customer can avail within ten working days of the date of delivery of the product or, in the case of services, within ten working days of the date of conclusion of the contract in accordance with the provisions of articles 64 and following of the Decree Lgs.206 / 2005, the Consumer Code. The right of withdrawal can not be exercised with respect to certain products and services mentioned in articles 55, D. Lgs. 206/2005 (Consumer Code). Featured among them are services relating to accommodation, transport, catering, leisure, when it comes to services to avail of on a specific date or within a specific period. The Consumer Code also provides that, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the customer may not exercise the right of withdrawal in cases of supply of certain goods and services including the following:

services which have already begun, with the customer’s agreement, before the expiry of the term of ten days set for the withdrawal;
goods or services whose price is dependent on fluctuations in the financial market;
goods made to specifications or clearly personalised which, by their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;
This category also includes products with a speedometer and/or time gauge, where the kilometres would have made an immediate and irreversible impact on the value of the property, making it impossible for the product to be re-marketed or resold at its initial value.
audiovisual products or sealed computer software products, once opened by the customer;
newspapers, periodicals and magazines.
The products referred to in point d) will be considered to have been opened by the customer where the protective seal has been broken. It will be indicated in each case to the members which goods and services can not be returned during the sale on its product page.

9) How to return the product

In order to benefit from the provisions of article 6 “Compliance of products and services” and the provisions of article 7 “Right of return” the customer must return the product to BV Ltd. within ten working days from the date of delivery.
The return of the product must be made to the following address: BV Ltd, Viale Lino Zanussi no. 11, 33170 Pordenone (PN), Italy.
The product must be returned:

properly wrapped in its original packaging, in perfect condition for resale (not ruined, damaged or soiled) and with all its possible accessories, instructions for use and documentation;
with the bill included in order to allow BV Ltd. to identify the customer (order number, name and address).
without obvious evidence or signs of use if not those compatible with the execution of a test of same, ie that it does not have evidence of prolonged use (more than a few minutes) in excess of the time required for a test and which is not in a state that will hinder its resale.
The only cost the customer will incur will be the cost of shipping the product

10) Payment

Payment for purchases will be required on the day of the order, through PayPal or bank transfer.
If paying by bank transfer, the bank account of the customer will be debited 36 hours after the date of the order being placed and the order will be considered effective only after the approval of the bank payment centres. In the event that payment is made via PayPal, payment or rejection will be immediate.
According to the provisions of the Privacy Policy, BV Ltd. does not store your bank coordinates to ensure greater security of personal data.
The customer is required to record and print the payment details if you wish to keep the details of the bank transaction.

11) Delivery

11.1. Delivery location

Products or services will be dispatched to the delivery address that the customer has provided during the processing of the order. The part of the payment dedicated to preparation and delivery of the order includes VAT. The invoice of the order will be available directly on the site, under the heading “My account”. BV Ltd. delivers parcels all over Italy, including the islands. The customer has the right to choose the delivery location: at your own residence, at your workplace, at a third party’s house, your holiday residence… In the case where nobody is there at the time of delivery to the address specified by the customer, a transit advice note will be deposited in the letter box. After two courier transits the parcel will be sent back to BV Ltd. Customer Service will take care to contact the customer to organise a possible new shipment that the customer will pay for, and in the absence of a response within a reasonable time from the customer, customer service will proceed to give a refund by deducting any costs resulting from failure to deliver.

11.2. Delivery deadline

The delivery deadline is thirty working days from the date of the order, unless otherwise specified to the customer before the final order confirmation. In this case BV Ltd. will inform the customer of the different delivery time.

The delivery will be reported in “my orders” and also under “dispatch progress” on the website.

11.3. Late delivery

In the event of late delivery, the customer can contact BV Ltd. Customer Service – email or tel. 0434 383 292.
The customer has the right to cancel the order if the delivery has not arrived within ten working days after the delivery date indicated by BV Ltd., unless the delay is due to a force majeure event or circumstance. Within ten working days of the order cancellation request submitted by the customer, BV Ltd. will authorise its bank to reimburse the customer.

11.6. Making deliveries

Each delivery is considered carried out when the product or service is made available to the customer by the carrier. Deliveries can be requested by contacting us via email specifying the order number.
Notwithstanding the right of withdrawal granted to the customer under art. 8, the customer must verify the delivery once it arrives and state all the problems and objections that they consider justified and can refuse the package if they find that it may have been opened or if the package shows any obvious signs of deterioration. These objections must be indicated on the delivery note and sent to BV Ltd. via email within one working day (24 hours) of the order delivery. BV Ltd. Customer Service will then launch an investigation of the carrier. The customer will receive an email informing them that an investigation has been launched. The carrier usually responds to BV Ltd within 21 working days.

11.7. Delivery options information

Lost parcel
When a parcel is ready to be dispatched it is shipped by express courier. The customer will receive an email informing them that the package has been dispatched and the selected delivery option. The customer can track the delivery status of their package on the carrier website, requesting the carrier tracking number via email. The customer should receive the delivery or a delivery notice in the letterbox four to eight working days after receiving the email. If within eight working days after the package has been dispatched, the customer receives no news of their order, the customer should get in touch with the express courier centre nearest to the delivery location or with the responsible carrier. The customer must email us the package reference number and the details of when the package was dispatched. If neither the carrier nor the BV Ltd. website have traces of the package, the customer must contact our customer service without delay. BV Ltd. Customer Service will then launch an investigation of the carrier. The customer will receive an email informing them that an investigation has been launched. The carrier usually responds to BV Ltd within 21 working days.

11.8. Specialised carrier delivery

If your order is sent by specialised carrier, due to the size of the product purchased, the customer will be informed of the dispatch of the package in an email which contains the dispatched product’s details and the shipping status tracking number . Next, 1 to 3 days before the carrier contacts the customer a delivery appointment will need to be organised. To maximise ease of delivery, the customer must give the carrier all the necessary delivery information (floor, name on the apartment, etc.). In the event that the customer is absent at the time of delivery, they will be left a transit note in the letter box: the carrier will provide a phone number and all the necessary information so the customer can call and make a new delivery appointment. In the event that the carrier can not leave the transit note (untraceable address, an inaccessible letterbox…), he will contact BV Ltd. to recover the missing information that hindered the proper delivery of the package.
In the event that the customer does not contact the carrier within 9 working days, the parcel will be sent back to BV Ltd and the customer will be reimbursed minus any costs incurred by the carrier from the delivery attempt. The customer can recover the product(s) at the branch of the carrier within 3 working days from the date when the transit note was left by the carrier.§
The customer is invited to contact our Customer Service for any additional information.

12) Warranties

12.1. Legal warranty

The products sold by BV Ltd. are produced by us and covered by a statutory warranty (Legislative Decree. no. 24 from 02/02/2002).

12.3. Warranty disclaimer

The warranty does not cover products or services modified, repaired or handled by the customer or any other person not authorised by the product or service supplier. The warranty does not cover products with visible defects. The warranty does not cover products or services damaged during transit or due to misuse.

13) Intellectual Property Rights

The content of the BV Ltd. site (including logos, trademarks, illustrations, photographs, etc …) is protected in accordance with Italian law on copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights. The content on this site is subject to change without notice and is made available without any kind of warranty, express or tacit, and can not lead to claims for damages. No content from the BV Ltd. site may be copied, reproduced, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way, except in the case of a simple recording of documents on a single computer for personal use of that person for non-commercial purposes.
Any mentions of this property must always be explicit. The modification of this content or its use for other purposes is a violation of BV Ltd. property rights .
In particular, it is forbidden to use such content on another website or in another computer network. Simple links to the BV Ltd. website home page are permissible. The following is prohibited:

A specific link which redirects the internet user to an internal page of the BV Ltd. site without going through the site home page;
An automatic link (deep linking or inline linking) that allows the Internet user to automatically see BV site content in a specific place;
Link-frames (framing) that allow you to bring up a page on the BV Ltd site in a frame on the page of the site visited by the internet user.
In every case links from sites containing immoral, violent, pornographic or paedophilic content, which do not respect the dignity of the individual, or intend to display or sell prohibited or illegal objects, substances and/or works are forbidden.
The existence of a hyperlink from a third party site which directs to the website does not imply in any case a collaboration between BV Ltd and this website. BV Ltd. has no control over third party sites and therefore assumes no responsibility with regard to content, products, services, information, materials, or software sites that carry a hyperlink to the BV Ltd website.
The BV Ltd. website may contain links to partner sites or third party sites. BV Ltd. has no control over these sites and therefore can not accept any responsibility for these sites, their content, advertising or products and/or services available on or from such sites. BV Ltd. is in no way responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may result from an internet user’s access to partner and/or third party sites and the use of the content and services of this website by the user.

14) Modification of the General Conditions of Sale

BV Ltd. reserves the right to modify these General Conditions of Sale.
All new versions of the General Conditions of Sale will be pointed out in advance on the website.

Members who do not want the contractual relations relating to new orders to be governed by the new version of the General Conditions of Sale, must inform BV Ltd. and, from the date when the new version of the General Conditions of Sale shall come into force, will have to cease using BV Ltd Services.

15) Personal details

15.1. The customer authorises BV Ltd to process their personal details. The customer’s consent to the processing of personal details by BV Ltd is an essential condition for placing an order.

15.2. BV Ltd. is committed to respecting the confidentiality of personal information on the website provided by customers and treating them in accordance with Italian law.

15.3. BV Ltd informs the customer that their personal data will be used by its internal services, its subsidiaries and/or companies in the group to which BV Ltd belongs:
to inform the customer of sales and future events by sending e-mail invitations;
for the processing of the customer’s order;
to enhance and personalise communication, in particular through newsletters, special offers (competitions, games, etc.) and information e-mails from the personalised dashboard of the site, according to the members’ preferences.
Should you wish to unsubscribe from this service you can contact our customer service

15.4. BV Ltd informs the customer that it may also disclose this personal information to ensure its representatives can deliver orders, and for the execution of certain after-sales services and to carry out satisfaction surveys. Moreover BV Ltd. may disclose such information in response to a request from legitimate authorities.

15.5. In addition, the customer may at any time exercise their rights of access to the archive, opposition and rectification or deletion regarding their data by completing and sending an application (with their e-mail address, surname , name and postal address) by email to
16) Miscellaneous

16.1. If any provision of these General Conditions of Sale should be considered null and void, the General Conditions of Sale will remain valid and productive in the remaining part.

16.2. Information exchanged through the website is trusted by the parties. Elements such as the time of receipt or issue of data or the quality of the data received will be treated as confidential in the BV Ltd computer system, subject to the right of the customer to provide them with other proof. The effectiveness of the proof provided by the BV Ltd computer system is equal to the proof of an original written and signed document.

17) Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Conditions of Sale are written in Italian, are governed by Italian law and therefore will be interpreted and enforced in accordance with it.