Tthe Range



The best material for building loudspeakers is fiber wood panels, thanks to the ability of dampening the vibrations without distorting the sound. The italian woodworking tradition turns such wood panels into radiofonografo loudspeakers, offering an unique listening experience


Light, exquisite, corrosion resistant and durable. Aluminium alloy is a material with unique technical properties. A it was for the original project, the stand is still made n such material, then powder coated and hand polished



It does not matter if you like more the white model, the legendary red option or the livelier orange colour. Radiofonografo will always match your room without falling through the cracks. It will always deliver an unique atmosphere, it does not matter the place.

Coming soon

The same finishing of the original project, up-to-date technology and unrivalled audio quality. A new version is coming soon, more exquisite, always unique, destined to beautify your home and last forever